What Makes Nourish Wellness Retreats Unique?


Retreating  with us gives you an exclusive opportunity to travel with two Functional and Lifestyle Medicine doctors who are also both Board Certified Clinical Nutritionists.  This ensures each trip to be specifically designed with HEALTH in mind.  

There will be a daily educational lecture, numerous opportunities to learn stress-reducing techniques (meditation and sunset yoga just to name a few…) a one-on-one health consultation, healthy food, meal prep education, access to a Far Infrared Sauna, body work for tired muscles and always a beautiful location with plenty of personal time to enjoy it.  Nature is one of the very best avenues for restoring health!

Too many are struggling to push through the days on the final threads of energy.  Too often people are run-down without any time to catch-up. This is it! NWR will teach how to “catch-up”, take a deep breath, and step forward rejuvenated and ready to apply a new approach to the ‘busy’ in life.  We can’t clear anyone’s schedule- but we can teach a healthier approach!


Meet Dr. Kim Bruno

Dr. Kim Bruno is a DC, CCN and run her private practice for over a decade in Northern Colorado.  As a mother of 2, she well knows the challenge of getting everyone’s work and homework done while getting home from after school sports to a meal that is both quick and healthy.  She is a proud member of the Million Mom Movement which pledges support to start a real food revolution to create a healthier next generation and she is also is the author of “The Nourish Series: Baby Nutrition”.

Dr. Bruno specializes in functional and lifestyle medicine with a special focus in chronic illness, autoimmune disorders, GI health, fatigue disorders and more.  She strongly believes that small, healthy changes can lead to impressive improvements in well-being. She is a champion of her patient’s health and always sets her aim high to support long-term goals.  By focusing on whole body health, Dr. Bruno can ensure guests leave the week retreat feeling in control of their health!


Meet Dr. Gina Sirchio-Lotus

Dr. Gina Sirchio-Lotus is a DC, CCN with over 12 years in private practice.  She is the mother of 4 children and knows well the never-ending “to-do” lists and how overwhelming life can become.  She specializes in functional and lifestyle medicine, working with many patients with autoimmune disorders, IBS, thyroid disease and more.  She is a frequent post-graduate lecturer and the producer of The Women’s Health Series. Dr. Sirchio-Lotus is the author of “The Nourish Series: Prenatal Nutrition”.  

She is a powerful advocate helping people to restore their health and heal from the inside out.  No stranger to a busy schedule, Dr. Sirchio-Lotus is dedicated to making sure the retreat offers its guests tangible and effective ways to make the benefits last far beyond the week of Retreat!