Nourish Wellness Retreats

Rediscovering Yourself


The missing link to helping patients improve their health, is to be able to help them outside of the office.  After more than a decade of treating patients in their respective offices, Dr’s Kim Bruno and Gina Sirchio-Lotus truly understand both the needs of today’s patient in-office, as well as what each person needs as a whole being to help them fully enhance their health.

Nourish Wellness Retreats seeks to embrace specific health education while taking part in health enriching activities, stress management and detoxification in a beautiful location.

Today’s environment is extremely stressful for day-to-day living.  Work hours are long and demanding, family-life balance is often complex and people are rarely able to eat nourishing meals and get daily activity.  Start with Nourish Wellness Retreats and let us help! Not only will guests relax and restore during the retreat, they will learn numerous ways to bring back workable solutions to relieve some of the personal strain of the daily schedules at home.


Our Goals


Nourish the Mind, Body and Spirit.


Actionable steps in the forms of short lectures, hands-on workshops, one-on-one health consultation and a full review of a personalized female lab report.


Self care, sauna, and massage and personal time in a beautiful location